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Plans fail for lack of counsel but with many advisors, they succeed.
Proverbs 15:22

CEO Peer Groups

King Solomon had advisors.

He invested this way even after God granted him wisdom in leading the people of Israel (1 Kings 3).

If this wise leader benefited from counsel, what might it do for you?

Most founders and leaders of early stage companies don't have a strong, external support structure.


It's one of the reasons they feel lonely at the top.

When you're a Christ-centered and faith-driven leader, it can be even worse. That's because few churches have ministries to business owners and most available CEO peer group options are not grounded in Biblical principles.

What if you found a peer group that was?


What is a CEO Peer Group?

A CEO peer group is a set of business leaders - usually founders and CEOs - who meet on a monthly basis to:

Advance their learning together

Give encouragement and receive support

Be part of a faith-driven community

According to the Chief Executive Group, companies run by leaders who are in peer groups see 200% faster growth in revenue, 2x greater profitability, and superior operating performance.

(source: Why You Need A CEO Peer Group. Now.)

More than any other benefit, a CEO peer group is an antidote to loneliness at the top of your growing business.

The centrality of Biblical principles is the primary difference between a secular CEO peer group and one that is faith-driven.

This distinction delivers the kingdom results you are looking for as a founder and CEO who wants to make a lasting impact.

Proverbs 12:15

What are the requirements?

Most CEO peer groups like Vistage, EO, and C12 are fantastic but often have membership requirements that can be challenging for early-stage and growth-stage companies to meet.

We believe you shouldn't be left out.


If you don't have $1-2 Million in annual recurring revenue or more than 10 employees, you can still get all the benefits of being in a CEO peer group.

Better yet, you can get those benefits AND a set of faith-aligned peers who deeply care about your success.

When you're ready, we'll happily help you decide whether to continue in your Counsel Group or "graduate" to another faith-driven option.


We want to help you on your journey. It's your success - not ours - that we want to see.

How does a 3 Strands Counsel Group Work?

It's a membership to a community of peers.

A group of 12 leaders committed to learning and support.

Seats are not exclusive but we are mindful of competitive concerns and address them on a case-by-case basis.

Counsel Meeting

Similar to the way the elders met at the city gates, the Counsel meeting is at the core. A key difference is that the meeting will be professionally facilitated according to a standard agenda.


It's an in-person, half-day meeting once each month.

We'll meet in the morning and spend time learning, sharing, praying with and for one another, and sharing a lunch-time meal.

Private Community

Part of your membership includes participation in a private Slack community with others in your group. It's available any time you want to engage.

You control your experience. Set how and when to communicate and use Slack's internal notification management system.

It's a moderated and safe place to continue building trust.

Access to Executive Coaching

As a Counsel Group member and active participant in the private community, you'll benefit from facilitation by, and access to, an experienced executive coach.


A CEO peer group is very different than one-on-one coaching specific to your business challenges. You can easily add separate, dedicated, one-on-one coaching to your Counsel Group membership.

How much does it cost?

Counsel Groups cost significantly less than many other CEO peer groups. That's because we believe that early-stage leaders have the same needs as those in larger companies but they don't yet have the same resources and access to investable financial capital.

While it costs less, it's still an investment.
Just like customers, leaders value and prioritize what we pay for.

How do I sign up?

Counsel Groups are, by definition, Christian and Biblically based. Without this basis, the purpose cannot be achieved. Therefore, to sign up for a Paravelle 3 Strands Counsel Group, you'll need to confirm you are:

  1. A follower of Jesus Christ seeking to live your professional life according to Biblical principles.

  2. A founder or CEO in a service or technology enabled business.

  3. Seeking to grow your business for the glory of God and the benefit of the people you serve and lead.

  4. Open to hearing and trying out new ideas.

  5. Committed to make an investment of time, finances, and attention so you can benefit from, and contribute to, a vibrant community of peers on the same journey of faith-driven business leadership.

Please note that Counsel Groups meet in person and are currently only available in the Raleigh, NC area.

A new group will start on 2/1/2024

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